Hello, and welcome.

This isn’t my first blogging rodeo. Past blogs have focused on singular topics, like books or travels or photography. I was, and am, proud of each of them as they represent where I was at those times in my life.

But people change. Times change. And like many of you, I’m looking for something new. So what can you expect from Little Miss Bergamot?

Rather than having an individual focus, I’m creating a new space to share various things I enjoy. Because there’s so much external racket that I’m choosing to spend more time looking inward, focusing on what I enjoy. So Little Miss Bergamot will serve as a space for me to highlight those things.

But what exactly do I enjoy?

I love tea, as the name of this blog suggests. But I also love coffee. I love cats, and foreign detective dramas, walks amongst the trees, discovering new places, finding ways to cope with anxiety and depression, dry humour, crafting, Spring flowers, reading, cooking and eating, taking photos, learning history, fun but useless facts and so, so much more.

Thank you for sharing your time with me. Why don’t you pull up a seat, and I’ll put the kettle on.