I woke up early today with a paw on my face. Through the dim light I could see my cat’s face up close to mine. If I wasn’t wearing earplugs, his blood curdling screams for food would have left me deaf. Part of my brain tried to reason that it’s because it’s past my normal weekday wake up time. Cats like routine.

But the other part is sure that he’s just being a cat and reminding me who’s in charge. Did I roll over and go back to sleep? Please. My job here is to cater to their every whim and neither cat will let me forget it.

Now, partially caffeinated, I’m sitting in my craft room slash office admiring my handiwork. It took longer than I had planned but I’ve finally finished setting it up. Complete with a seating area for the cats. Obviously.

I think I might do some planning for an upcoming trip to Paris this Summer. I’ve visited multiple times but this time I’ll be playing tour guide to someone who’s never been. It’s going to be fun seeing my favourite city through fresh eyes.

Other than that I suspect my day will be filled with errands, meal prep and – you guessed it – slaving over the cats.

Happy Sunday!